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The Best Baby Gift Ideas for 2021

Shopping for gifts for new parents and newborns can be quite confusing. While it certainly isn’t hard to find a huge selection of beautiful gifts, it can certainly be tricky to choose from them all! I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s blog post to this topic to give you a brief overview of what are in my opinion some of the BEST gift ideas for babies, and hopefully help save you a bit of time and (possibly) money as you set off to shop for that special baby in your life. Please note: this blog post isn’t intended to be a “product review” in any way; this is just a collection of gift ideas to help get the ball rolling and get you feeling inspired!

Inkless baby print kit – if you’re looking for a universal gift that is gender neutral and sure to be cherished and appreciated by the newborn’s parents and relatives, look no further! With many fantastic brands to choose from (just do a quick Google search), kits for making prints of adorable newborn baby hands and feet are a great and inexpensive gift idea. My personal recommendation is to search for inkless baby print kits; the reason being that they are mess-free (new parents are dealing with enough mess on the daily as it is!) and non-toxic. A print kit usually contains a non-toxic inkless wipe, some treated papers, a keepsake tin, and a set of easy-to-follow instructions. Simply wipe the baby’s foot or hand with the inkless wipe, and gently press it against the treated paper, then watch in amazement as a detailed print magically appears within seconds. Sounds fun, right?

Baby Hair and Body Wash – a very practical and thoughtful gift that is sure to go to good use. Especially helpful in gifting situations where you suspect that the baby’s parents have probably already got everything under the sun (and then some) for their baby! Some things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect body products for newborn babies:

Baby shampoos and body washes should be gentle on baby’s skin and hair. Make sure that the product is fragrance free or contains only very small amounts of (preferably) natural fragrance, such as essential oils or aromatic plant extracts. This is because babies’ skin is very sensitive and could potentially be irritated by products that contain harsh fragrances! Look for products that do not contain harsh chemicals and are “baby safe” (read the label carefully to make sure) and have “tear-free formula” written somewhere in the label. This is to make sure that the product you are buying is safe to use around the baby’s eyes as well. If you want to go the extra mile, I recommend buying bath products that are also certified organic.

Travel Baby Change Mat - Another practical gift idea, mats to change your baby on-the-go come in a huge variety of patterns and colours. There are no excuses why a baby change mat can’t also be a veritable stylish fashion accessory! Some things to consider: look for mats that are BPA free (it will say so in the product description), easy to clean, durable and have straps to attach the mat to pram, handbag, etc.

Baby clothes – the more “obvious” option when it comes to baby gift ideas, the sky’s the limit when it comes to shopping for baby clothes. There is a huge selection out there to choose from, whether you are shopping in-person or online. Remember to choose fabrics that are breathable, preferably of natural origin (cotton and bamboo are good), durable, and easy to care for and clean. Neutral colours such as gray, coral, aqua, yellow, and mint green are always a good idea in situations where you are unsure about the baby’s gender or just prefer to go with something different!

Gift Hampers and gift boxes - While there are myriads of adorable individual gift ideas out there, it can be a beautiful idea to put together a selection of favourites into a customised gift hamper that new parents are sure to appreciate and love. Ideas for items to include (well, aside from all of the above!) can be photo frames, scrapbooking supplies, baby rattles, soft plush toys, bibs, baby shoes, bath toys, blankets, small towels, nursery items...and so on! If putting together a gift hamper on your own seems like too big of a commitment, fear not; there are so many amazing premade hampers and gift boxes to choose from when shopping for gifts. My advice is to keep it simple. The amount of options can be overwhelming!

INSPIRE BABY WEAR Gift boxes and hampers – here at Inspire Baby Wear, we proudly have some beautiful hampers to choose from. Each hamper includes a gorgeous bamboo baby suit (size 0-3 months), available in pink or blue, and two different types of wooden teethers (a more natural alternative to plastic teethers). There are also larger hampers available that come with those items as well as a super soft, lightweight blanket. To see them, just click on the following link:

While the sheer number of options when it comes to baby gift ideas can certainly be a bit much to take in (especially for the inexperienced), I hope that the ideas I’ve listed here have helped narrow the options down just a little, and given you the inspiration you were looking for!

❤️ Monika Hricko,

Inspire Baby Wear

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